Clatsop 克鲁斯主机, Inc.


克鲁斯主机 greet cruise ship passengers and crew at the Port of Astoria, 市中心阿斯托里亚, and the Maritime Museum. They share printed material, answer questions, and provide bus service to the downtown core area. They answer the numerous questions visitors have about our historical sites, geography, and stores. Visitors need help navigating the community.


Over 150 克鲁斯主机 volunteer on a regular basis. Hosts receive training twice a year to ensure they have current information and are well educated regarding the area. On cruise day, hosts are easy to spot in their blue apparel.


The financial rewards to the community provided by the cruise ship visits are documented and show that every couple who visits spends approximately $175. Crew members also participate in excursions and do their personal shopping along with provisioning the ships.


Sue Howard, Coordinator

Clatsop 克鲁斯主机, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization not affiliated with the Port of Astoria